Our story:

Peggy Sue is a unique brand of clean + simple self care products, based on the South Coast of New South Wales.
We hope to encourage women into a healthier, more sustainable skincare routine. Everything here at Peggy Sue
is made in small batches, and is specially hand crafted and sent off in love. We know what works, which is why
each product is plant based, and full of happy helpers. We want you to be excited about using beautiful products
that welcome you into the day, and help you rest easy at night. Products that not only look stunning, but make you
feel beautiful and loved.


Start loving the skin you're in, by giving your skin some love.

- Peggy Sue.



Our vision:

The more product research we do, the more we realise how hard it is to find all natural, plastic free skincare.
We are now SO motivated to try and make that happen here at Peggy Sue. We are working hard to swap
everything over to be as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. Packaging, ingredients, well paid staff, everything.
We want to help you slow things down, and be more intentional about the purchases you make. We hope to grow
into a brand where you can find all your beauty+fashion+lifestyle needs under one roof. So that whatever you’re
looking for, you can know and read about the people and stories behind the products you buy. All things that are
fair trade + sustainable. No more fast fashion, and bargains that are fleeting, but things that are handcrafted to
stand the test of time. Things that can be mended and handed down to the next generation.


Let’s work together at creating a better future. One slow purchase at a time

 -Peggy Sue