Peggy Sue is a unique brand of clean + simple self care products. We hope to encourage women into a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, by offering natural products that help form a simple and effective skincare routine. Skin is the bodies largest organ after all, so its important for us to take good care of it. Everything here at Peggy Sue is made in small batches, and is specially hand crafted and sent off in love. We want you to be excited about using beautiful products that help welcome you into the day, and help you clock off at night. Products that not only look stunning in your bathroom, but make you feel beautiful and loved.
So come on, join our Peggy Sue sisterhood :)
Start loving the skin you're in, by giving your skin some love.
-Peggy sue.
Peggy Sue is a small business run soley by me, Shanah.
This business has been such a huge blessing for my little family, allowing me to stay home and raise my 3 year old daughter Peggy, while doing something that I absolutely love. So I can't thank you all enough for the support that you've given both this business and our family. 
This June I was due to have my 2nd child, a little boy. Naturally this would affect the business for a short time as we welcome him into the world. However we were given the tragic news that he has a severe heart defect, which gives no hope of survival much after birth.  We decided to still carrry him to term, and will try and enjoy what little time we have with him. Everyday I feel sorrow and heartache beyond words as I wait for the birth and death of my son. So trying to navigate how to manage Peggy Sue has been incredibly tough, as we now rely on it's income to provide for our family. 
So what happens to Peggy Sue during all this? 
Well I have decided to shut shop completely for the whole month of June, then hope to be back up and running as usual in July. Although this is my plan, it may change depending on how me + my family are coping with the aftermath of it all. Whatever happens though, I will try my best to keep you all posted as best I can. 
I hope you dont mind the transparency of sharing whats happening behind the scenes of Peggy Sue, and I hope that you would continue to support this business + family over the next few rocky months.
Lots of love,
Shanah, Shaun, & Peggy xo