Our Body & Bath Oil is the beauty oil that does it all. It is a luxurious blend of Organic Coconut + Jojoba oil, making it both lightweight, and effective. Featuring an uplifting blend of essential oils, this Body & Bath oil will feed the skin so much love being rich in vitamins & essential fatty acids, improving skins elasticity + plumpness. It is perfect to use directly on your whole body for moisture, or add it to your bath for a relaxing and hydrating experience. This Oil is also light enough to use on the ends of your hair to protect dry, splitting ends, as well as on the cuticles.



Grapefruit oil- Full of antioxidants, keeps skin clear + vibrant.

Jojoba Oil- Mimics the skin’s natural oils to hydrate the deeper skin layers. Plumping properties.

Coconut Oil- Vitamin rich oil, working to  Hydrate + Nourish.


To use: Apply desired amount directly onto the skin and rub in until completely absorbed. Or add 20-30 drops into running bath water, and soak in the bath for desired amount of time.


Size: e 100ml 3.4 fl.oz


*This product is also vegan friendly.


Ingredients: Capric/Caprylic Triglycerides (Coconut)*, Simmonsis Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil*, Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil (Pink Grapefruit), Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract (Vanilla Oil), Gomphrena Globosa Flowers* - * Organic Ingredients


Amazing Cure

By: on 17 February 2021
This oil was my saviour during an allergic reaction I was having from bugs/insect bites. I was physically ill, had a red raw back that was swollen and was forming hives. Within two minutes of putting this oil all over the bites causing reaction, my back was almost completely back to normal, it wasn’t inflamed, I wasn’t sore or itching, and I wasn’t even sick anymore! It was an INSTANT relief, not only of the discomfort but my anxiety. I’ve always admired the product for its hydration and benefits, but now I can add this to the list of what it can do! Truly thankful that I had this gem ❤️

More than pulls its weight

By: on 18 August 2020
The body oil smells amazing, and a little goes a long way. A few drops rubbed in leaves my skin hydrated and soft. Regular moisturising didn't seem to stop my dry legs, but this worked right away.

Bath Oil Bliss

By: on 13 July 2020
I was intrigued when I purchased this product, mainly to use directly on my skin. It does not disappoint, a very light oil, with a very subtle fragrance slides on directly to showered skin and quickly absorbed. The fragrance is a light refreshing smell ....YES a delightful skin oil...

Life Saver!

By: on 27 June 2020
After getting laser hair removal on my legs, my skin was dry as and after years of nothing working (couldn’t seem to get past the dry skin layer and actually hydrate) This organic Bath & Body Oil finally did it! Love this product and it does wonders for dry skin. Thanks Peggy Sue for this gorgeous product, and hooray for non-scaly legs any more!


By: on 25 May 2020
I am absolutely loving this oil! I bathe in it every night.

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