Palm Oil Statement

To All Our Beautiful Peggy Sue Customers,

We are writing to you after a heavy day of learning and in the spirit of full transparency. We have been made aware of the fact that some of the ingredients used in our products contain palm oil derivatives. We have previously (between January 17 2020 - June 5 2020) claimed that Peggy Sue products are all palm oil free. This was a mistake on our part in assuming that not having palm oil as a whole ingredient meant there was no palm oil in our products. Unfortunately that is not the case as we have now learnt that palm oil derivatives have been used in a few of our ingredients. And so we would like to take this opportunity to apologize with heavy hearts for making this claim and want to advise you that sadly not all of our products have met this palm oil free claim as some ingredients used do contain these palm oil derivatives.
Our manufacturers have informed us that the palm oil derivatives in use are sustainably sourced, and are orangutan friendly, however, they are unable to provide documentation for that. Having learnt so much today, moving forward it is our intention to work towards a truly palm oil free Peggy Sue. This will take us some time but we feel, as always, moving in the right direction is better than not moving at all.

Our goal here at Peggy Sue is to help women feel loved through our products, allowing moments of self care and rest, while nourishing their skin with beautiful organic ingredients. We also believe however that self care should never come at the expense of God's beautiful creation which is why we strive to be as sustainable and eco friendly as possible.
Again we want to offer our huge apologies for the error we have made here. If the use of palm oil derivatives in our products has left you unhappy with your previous Peggy Sue purchase please feel free to reach out to

Thanks so much for your support and understanding.
Much Love,
Shanah & Alysha x