Our nourishing Lip Tint is a beautiful blend of natural, vitamin rich ingredients, that offer a beautiful hint of rosy red colour, while working to deeply hydrate and restore lips, protecting them against the outside elements. This Lip Tint will not only keep your lips nourished and moisturised for hours, but will keep them looking plump, rosy and full of life. 



Beeswax- Creates a shelied which can help protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun

Coconut Oil- Vitamin rich oil, working to  Hydrate + Nourish.

Shea Butter- deeply hydrates, reduces inflammation, restores dry skin.


To Use: Apply desired amount to lips. Use daily, or as desired.

Size: e 5.5ml



Ingredients: beeswax*, shea butter*, fractionated coconut oil*, olive oil*, pink grapefruit essential oil, natural mica. -*Denotes organic 


My new favourite

By: on 13 October 2020
I’ve used this for 1 day and I already love it. So nice and the rosy tint is perfect for just a touch of colour. Great packaging too.

My makeup-free go to!

By: on 15 August 2020
This little beauty has totally changed my view on tinted lip balms! It hasn't got an extreme level of pigment, just the perfect amount to make me look a bit fresher and like I actually put in effort! It brightens up my whole face and gives me the confidence to put aside my lipsticks and go makeup-free. Also super moisturising and glides on effortlessly - and lovely packaging!

favorite lip balm ever

By: on 9 August 2020
I absolutely adore my rosy lip tint and wear it everyday!!! best product I've ever owned

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